Enterprise SMS:

It is SMS interactive platform for small and medium enterprises. It enables enterprises to “mobilise” their data and reach out to their customers. The platform can be provisioned for enterprises to deploy a wide range of consumer focused services. The platform is highly suitable for delivering dynamic and personalized information to consumers with on line API based integration.

The key features include:
  • BulkSMS
  • Personalized SMS
  • API for sending SMS
  • Notifications
  • Alerts
  • Capture the SMS
  • Forward the incoming SMSes to:
    • Mail
    • Mobile
    • URL (To web service)
    • Can view all the incoming SMS
    • Feedback /suggestions from the customers
  • Excel SMS Cleint
  • Message Merge
  • Pick Data from Column
  • Filter The Data
  • Details...
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Health alerts on SMS and VOICE. Hospital can define the alerts set. Hospital can set these alerts from mobile using our mobile client. This product can be used by veterinary hospital also. End user will receive alerts by SMS, E-MAIL or VOICE.

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Watch out for mobile education information platform... more details follows

Mobile Applications

Institution can send the alerts from

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Voice Powered By TringME

Privacy Policy

We are a customer centric service provider and have very high regards for your information and its privacy. As most of our services delivery is mobile centric, being a very personal medium, we have taken care to prevent abuse/misuse of your information.
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