Enterprise Solutions

Each enterprise has various messaging requirements. The requirements includes, smart pushing and pulling of information using SMS and USSD. Each enterprise requirement is unique in its own way. NUMO can customize the solutions to enterprises on SMS and USSD as per your requirement.
Few of the areas where we can help you…

  • Status of consignment by SMS
  • Customer feedback
  • Delivery information to the server by SMS
Internet / Web services
  • Login information
  • Password recovery
  • Status information
  • Personalised information
  • Alerts and Greetings
  • Health checkup alerts
  • Vaccination Alerts
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Appointment by SMS
  • Attendance Information By SMS
    • Daily
    • Monthly
  • Report Card information by SMS
  • Discipline information
  • Billing information
Please get in touch with our sales team at sales@numo.in for more information.

Mobile Applications

Institution can send the alerts from

Powered By Mobisy
Voice Powered By TringME

Privacy Policy

We are a customer centric service provider and have very high regards for your information and its privacy. As most of our services delivery is mobile centric, being a very personal medium, we have taken care to prevent abuse/misuse of your information.
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